Checked Out

Checked Out by Daniel Harris

The red-hot novel that picks up where Blood Feud leaves off!

Be prepared for a page-turning, nail biting story when Russell Riley, the hero of Blood Feud (RoseDog Books 2012) is offered the top job as CEO at Food Basket, an eighty store grocery chain whose CEO has been murdered unexpectedly.

Full of the twists and turns that made Blood Feud so compelling, Checked Out is a story of mystery, murder and money laundering, that will have you reading anxiously to find out what happens next.

Walking away might have been easier, but Russell Riley knows every hero has a story…and this one is his!

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 Blood Feud by Daniel Harris

This is a simple story. It begins with an immigrant grocer selling vegetables from a pushcart and ends in a court case with two billion dollars at risk.

Two brothers, sons of the founder, inherit equal shares of a burgeoning food chain. One dies, and his widow, suspecting that she is being shortchanged of profits earned, sues to recover.

If you are in the mood for an insider’s take on a nasty and vitriolic family food fight that ends in a celebrated court case, Blood Feud is it.

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