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In this final installment of the Russell Riley trilogy, Riley has become the CEO of Food Basket, and learns that Galetti Supermarkets is for sale. What could be easier than acquiring a business where he had toiled for thirty years? What indeed!

Start with twenty-five thousand employees going on strike, shutting down a four billion-dollar business as seventy-one Galetti stores are plunged into darkness.

Add two murders that count him as a person of interest, and enter Diane Dunbar, a one-time lover turned elite nemesis, trying to wreck his plan to unite these two food entities and vie for market leadership.

The negative economic effect of the strike brings the Attorney General and the Governor to Riley’s office. Clearly, with two unsolved murders, the Attorney General is not making a social call, but surprisingly, the Governor is—one that could yank Riley away to a new and unexpected, unrelated career.

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What Readers Are Saying

Russell Riley is back! After thirty years in the grocery business, he thinks he’s seen it all. But when he buys Galetti Supermarkets, which is where he started at age thirteen, the bottom falls out. Jealousy and hard feelings lead to betrayal and murders. And the murders point to Riley! With STRIKE, we see how a family-grown business crumbles while Riley does all he can to save it. Daniel Harris spent 32 years at Procter & Gamble and knows what he writes. Get ready for non-stop action in this exciting conclusion to his trilogy.

Ray Ray Anderson
The Trail; Sierra; The Divide
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Ray Ray Anderson

Russell Riley is the type of book character who sort of grows on you. The grocery store chain “fixer” returns in another Daniel C. Harris romp through the produce aisles in Checked Out , where a mysterious murder puts Riley at center stage — and in danger — as he uncovers the unseemly truth about Food Basket’s slow slide into financial oblivion. Like he did in the first book of Harris’ burgeoning series, Blood Feud, Riley’s turn-around talents deliver results. But the real question is: At what cost will Riley’s success impact friends, family and even himself?

Jim Campanini
Editor, Lowell Sun Newspaper

"... I was truly entertained while learning a lot about the food industry. This could be about any family business and the ongoing problems they face. I now have a whole new perspective each time I enter my local supermarket. A really good read."
- Mary Pollock

Mary Pollock

"... Harris amps up the messy courtroom antics in Blood Feuds' fiery, scandalous, and conclusion. With an economy of words, Harris's novel doesn't skimp on action, subtle romance, or satisfying suspense." - Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

"This is a fascinating story. The characters are well drawn out and the story line makes you want to keep turning the pages. It is a very believable scenario and you become involved with and sympathize with these characters." - Doc B

Doc B

"I truly enjoyed this "fictional" supermarket feud especially in light of the Market Basket situation." - Cynthia R. Stone

Cynthia R. Stone

The Sequel

Checked Out

The philandering CEO of Food Basket, an 80-store chain headquartered in Providence, is murdered in the living room of his tiny East Side estate. Enter Russell Riley. He is offered the CEO job at Food Basket and accepts it. Russell discovers that financial transparency and accountability are replaced by financial malfeasance and corruption. Murder, money laundering, intrigue, betrayal and greed snare even Riley as he becomes a person of interest to police Captain Alan Cummings and Assistant D.A. Donna Mitchner, whom we root for to ensnare the shadowy, shrewd career criminals. Buckle up and climb aboard for Russell Riley's ride of a lifetime in the sequel to Blood Feud, Checked out!

Read The Book That Started It All

Blood Feud

This simple story begins with an immigrant grocer selling vegetables from a pushcart and ends in a court case with two billion dollars at risk. Two brothers, sons of the founder, inherit equal shares of a burgeoning food chain. One dies, and his widow, suspecting that she is being short-changed from profits earned, sues to recover.

Now it becomes complicated. The author, an insider with over thirty years working in the food industry, spins a yarn of a twisting, turning labyrinth that features a love tryst, intrigue, betrayal, and greed.

The characters and dialogue are real, authentic, and they draw you from the printed page into the middle of this fast-moving action. Russell Riley is the highest-ranking non-family member of this company and it's his job to protect and grow the business while the two families duke it out in court. But even he can't stay entirely above the fray because he owns stock that could provide the swing vote for control.

If you are in the mood for an insider's take on a nasty and vitriolic family food fight that ended in a celebrated court case, Blood Feud is it!

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