About Daniel Harris

Behind every great book is an author with an interesting life story of their own. The fiction novels Daniel Harris has written are excellent stories, but they do not tell his story. Get to know author Daniel Harris better, learn more about his life experiences, and learn about what inspired him to write his books.

Dan’s Story

Dan Harris was born in Boston just before Pearl Harbor. He spent his summers on Cape Cod, and at the age of thirteen began working at his grandmother's restaurant. Dan was a good athlete and a hard-working student who earned a four-year scholarship to the University of Virginia. He majored in English and thought those were four of the best years of his life. He joined ROTC in 1960 when no one except the French knew where Vietnam was. As fate would have it, he graduated from UVA in 1964, began his army career in February of 1965, and he was on the ground in The Republic of Vietnam in June of 1965.

He was an Airborne Second Lieutenant, and his job was to ensure the safe passage of troops on the Saigon River. Additionally, he was a platoon leader operating on various crafts including minesweepers, swift boats, and freighters clearing the water and both banks of enemy combatants. Additionally, his company secured the ships in a port on the river that housed the American supply of ammunition.

He came back to the United States with a perspective that has never left him. After a year in Southeast Asia, he is particularly thankful to have been born and brought up in the United States. The experience of leadership and responsibility as a junior officer made him a good candidate for corporate headhunters. Dan was recruited by Procter & Gamble, put on a management track, promoted to increasing roles of responsibility, and stayed for 32 years. It was that experience that provided the backdrop for his third novel Blood Feud.

Currently, Dan and his wife Joy have two adult children who live in the Atlanta area and 3 grandchildren. Dan and his wife live on the south shore of Massachusetts but spend significant time on the Maine coast and Cape Cod.

About the Russell Riley Trilogy

So far there are five Daniel Harris fiction novels: Goodbye Dearie, Capital Crimes, and the Russell Riley trilogy consisting of Blood Feud, the Blood Feud sequel Checked Out, and the final installment released this summer Strike. This trilogy is a blood feud fiction story about a family feud over an inheritance. Dan knew the principals, knew the industry, lived in the area, and carefully followed the court case. This is the featured piece, which happens after 15 years of writing, editing, and building gradually on what you know. As one reviewer wrote:" The story is darkly archetypical: family, conflicts over sex, power, and money provide tension-crackling suspense. The pace of the tale is brisk and clever; the writing is as fresh as a sheet of Garden ice before the puck drop.”

About his First Two Books
Prior to the Russell Riley trilogy, Dan had already written his first two novels. The first, Goodbye Dearie, is a love story: love of family, friends, and affairs of the heart. It contains all of the elements of a fast and funny coming-of-age story with well-drawn cameos and tales from school days and time in-country. A unique vignette of the Vietnam experience features a surprise visit to Saigon from his girlfriend that the brass has signed off on and kept secret from the Lieutenant. His second novel, Capital Crimes, involves a murder mystery in a sleepy New England town where everyone came early to meetings and played by the rules until greed and jealousy turned this safe hamlet into a scary pocket of fear. In addition to Dan's five novels: Strike (2021), Checked Out (2016), Blood Feud (2012), Capital Crimes (2001), and Goodbye Dearie (1999), two of his short stories have been published as well. The Closer, Alembic, Providence College Literary Magazine, 2012. The Cowboy, Folly Magazine, December 2011.

Get in Touch
Author Daniel Harris loves hearing from his readers! If you want to ask about a Blood Feud sequel, have other questions, or have a comment for the author, feel free to send Dan an email. He is happy to respond to emails and is always happy to discuss the contents of his books.